Effective 5 pm Sunday, May 18, Irvington Vintage will no longer be open in its retail location.

Antiques, collectibles, jewelry and clothing will mostly be moving to Southport Antique Mall, 2028 E. Southport Road.  Records, books and music-related items will move to a new location at 9 Johnson Avenue, where we will be known as Irvington Vinyl and share space with Irvington’s beloved Bookmamas, which is just two blocks away.  This new location will be closed until Monday, June 2 when we will be reopening.

We’d like to thank everyone for their wonderful support during the past two years.  While we could have continued as we were, the opportunity for Rick to focus on vinyl and combine with an existing bookstore was too good to pass up.  Look for an expanded vinyl selection, including reissues, local releases, and selected new releases.

Our online shops remain open and will probably expand their offerings in the near future.